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Ayu (Freshwater Trout) Rice Pot

‘Ayu’ / Freshwater Trout cooked in a hot pot over rice.

Ayu (freshwater trout) is a seasonal fish which signifies the arrival of summer. Fishing Ayu in clear rivers begin in early July, the dates differing in various parts of Japan; although natural Ayu comes quite expensive.

‘Charcoal grilled Ayu beside an open fire’ is probably the most popular way of cooking but here is also another easy way of cooking Ayu at home.


Ayu Rice Pot_1


Ayu Rice Pot_2


Ayu (Freshwater Trout) Rice Pot Recipe

Rice:::::::: 3cups


Shiso Leafs::::Approx. 5 leaves

Dashi for Rice:::::::: For 3cups of Rice (Bonito Broth-Dashi 600ml, Soy Sauce 60ml, Mirin 60ml, Sake 30ml)

  1. <Prepare the Dashi for Rice> Bring all broth ingredients to boil and let is cool. Wash the rice and let it dry for about 30 minutes before cooking; so the moisture will sink into the rice.
  2. <Prepare the Ayu> Wash the Ayu and squeeze the droppings out of the fish with you fingers. Lightly salt the Ayu and grill the fish until light brown with skin slightly burnt.
  3. <Cooking with a Rice Pot> (The cooking time may vary depending on each Rice Pot) Bring the Rice Pot to boil. When the Pot becomes very active let and bubbly, let it boil for another 2 minutes and reduce the heat to medium for another 3 minutes. Finally reduce the heat to extreme low and cook for another 5~7 minutes before turning off the heat.
  4. <Setting the Rice Pot and preparing the Ayu> Let the Rice settle (we call it MURASU) before opening the lid. Remove the bones from the Ayu and mix thoroughly with the Rice before serving.
  5. Sprinkle shiso leafs and sesame to your liking.


Ayu Rice Pot recipe in English


written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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