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Ayu (Freshwater Trout) Rice Pot |鮎ごはん

‘Ayu’, a small freshwater trout also known as the ‘sweetfish’ is a summer delicacy, it’s fishing period only during June to September.

Ayu, only resides only in natural clean rivers. This photograph taken last year while visiting Gujiyohachiman (Gifu) duirng our camping car trip. | 岐阜県郡上はの長良川で鮎釣りをする釣り人。去年の秋のキャンピングカー旅行にて撮影。
Natural ‘Ayu’ cooked wrapped with Sasa (Bamboo Leaves) and steam-cooked in a hot pot | 郡上八幡の鮎料理屋さんでだされた鮎の蒸し焼き@だるまや|DARUMAYA

‘Ayu’ can be seen at supermarkets during the summer season but hardly natural but aquacultured. Since my husband is an ‘Ayu’ lover, this ayu cooked together with rice is one of his favorite menu, quite an authentic Japanese food. It’s not difficult to cook, although I’m using a hot pot, one click with a rice cooker will do just the same job!


Ayu (Freshwater Trout) Rice Pot |鮎ごはん

Cuisine: Japanese (Washoku)Difficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time





  • Bring all broth ingredients to boil and let is cool. Wash the rice and let it dry for about 30 minutes before cooking; so the moisture will sink into the rice.|出汁、醤油、みりん、お酒を合わせ一度沸騰させて冷ましておく。お米は研いで30分ほど乾かしておく。
  • Wash the Ayu and squeeze the droppings out of the fish with you fingers. Lightly salt the Ayu and grill the fish until light brown with skin slightly burnt.|鮎の表面のぬめりを軽く洗い落とし、下腹の尾っぽ寄りにある肛門を、頭側から尾っぽ側に向かって軽くしごいてふんを出します。下ごしらえした鮎は薄く両面に塩を振ってから(塩は分量外)、魚焼きグリルで強火で焼きます。
  • (The cooking time may vary depending on each Rice Pot) Bring the Rice Pot to boil. When the Pot becomes very active let and bubbly, let it boil for another 2 minutes and reduce the heat to medium for another 3 minutes. Finally reduce the heat to extreme low and cook for another 5~7 minutes before turning off the heat.|炊飯器でも炊けますが今回はご飯鍋で炊いてみました。鮎を上にのせ、沸騰しきたら強火で2分、中火に落とし3分、のち弱火で5〜7分炊きます。火を止めて20分むいらします。
  • Let the Rice settle (we call it MURASU) before opening the lid. Remove the bones from the Ayu and mix thoroughly with the Rice before serving.|蒸らし終わったら鮎の骨を取り、しゃもじでお米と混ぜわわせます。
    Sprinkle shiso leafs and sesame to your liking.|お茶碗にもり、シソとごまをお好みで。


  • Automatic rice cooker may be used to attain the same results, instead of the hot pot.
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