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April 9th | Chako Bakery | Day 2 French Breads and Scones

State of Emergency Chako Bakery | Day 2

The French baguette dough once mastered can be used for various bread forms. This particular shape is called the ‘Rustique’ (a square french baguette bread) which I like to add fillings to be folded into the dough and then baked, yielding a savory bread.


How to make the Dough : French Baguette dough フランスパン生地の作り方はこちから

Other types of French breads can be also seen here.

Rustique Filling : Soft celery leaves, shredded melting cheese, black and white olives

Sesame Le Batard : Dough formed into a football shape and dressed with black sesame on the top surface.

Starbucks Copycat Fruit Scone | スターバックス フルーツ スコーン

Delightful to have some scones in the jar when locked inside.

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