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Apple favorites…TARTE TATIN |タルト・タタン

Not quite the season for apples, but apple desserts are my favorites as with my daughter. We were having a family gathering to celebrate our youngest grandson’s 2nd year old birthday, July 3rd; which I was envisioning a “TARTE TATIN” birthday cake. I thought about it and thought twice….the visual look, the color of “TARTE TATIN” may just be too grim for yet a boy celebrating his second birthday. Humm…..the cake was already in the refrigerator for the following day.


Since ‘apples’ are off-season, I have used a small imported apple from New Zealand called ‘JAZZ’ which I see often at markets in Tokyo. The price is probably half of our domestic apples and since I required at least 10 medium size apples, I ended up using 18 JAZZ apples which did the job perfectly.


また、このタルトタタンは今まで作ったもので一番簡単でした。リンゴを剥いて→キャラメルでsauté→リンゴをキャラメルソースで煮る→パイ生地を被せて30分焼成→一晩冷蔵庫で寝かせるというシンプルなプロセスです。失敗がないレシピなので是非リンゴlovers 試してみてください。レシピは⬇️

Jazz Apples from New Zealand, relatively small in size

The process is quite simple – saute first and then stew the apples in caramel sugar and pop it in the oven with a pastry dough covering the apples. I would assume this recipe may be one of the most simplest without failures.

Before I introduce the recipe, this is what our little boy got for his birthday cake.


[Baking Tin] 21cm diameter


  • Apple (for Large Size Apples) ….. 8 to 10 apples OR
  • New Zealand Jazz apples (for small sizes apples)········ 18 apples


  • Granulated sugar ……….. 180g
  • Unsalted butter  ……….. 110g
  • One vanilla pod or vanilla essence as a substitute

【Tart dough】

  • Flour ….. 80 g
  • Unsalted butter … 40 g (cold, cut into small cubes)
  • Egg Yolk … about 1/3
  • Water … 20cc
  • A pinch of salt
  1. (APPLE)  Peel the apples, cutting them into 2 equal parts and remove the core. (As you see above, I would use approx 8 to 10 large apples or for smaller apples, about 18 is what I used for this recipe).
  2. (DOUGH) Make the tart dough. Combine the flour and cold butter with your finger tips until it turns into a crumble texture, adding the egg yolk and water. Let the dough absorb the liquid, pressing down (not mixing) until it form a solid dough. Wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.
  3. (CARAMEL) Put 100g of granulated sugar in a frying pan and over low heat. When the granulated sugar starts to turn brown, add 60 g of butter and let it dissolve and boil lightly. Degree of lightness (light brown) 
  4. Put the apples in the frying pan and saute while turning the apples over, to ensure the whole surface is covered with caramel.
  5. Using a separate pan or pot, melt the butter until fragrant, add sugar and add vanilla pods. (Vanilla essence as a substitute)
  6. Transfer 3 (apples) to 4 and stew keeping careful not to let the apples lose shape. Stew until most of the liquid from the apples are minimal, set aside. 
  7. The type of tin suitable are frying pan without handles  or a normal deep cake type will do.
  8. Once the apples cool down, arrange the apples into the tin. Note that the bottom is on right side-up.
  9. Remove the tart dough from the refrigerator and stretch it into a circle while tapping it with a roll pin. Make a hole with a picker roller or fork and line it over the apples. Make sure the dough is slightly a large diameter, as it shrinks when baked.
  10. Bake in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 30 minutes.
  11. Once the cooled down, chill it in the refrigerator overnight.
  12. It is beautiful with fresh cream and powdered sugar when eating.



  • りんご(紅玉)・・・・・・・8個~10個
  • ニュージーランドのジャズリンゴ・・・・・・・18個


  • グラーニュ糖・・・・・・・180g 
  • 無塩バター・・・・110g
  • バニラのさや・1本 or バニラエッセンス


  • 薄力粉・・・・・・80g
  • 無塩バター・・・・40g (冷たいバターをキューブ状に切っておきます)
  • 卵黄・・・・ ・ ・ 1/3個
  • 水・・・20cc
  • 塩 ひとつまみ
  1. りんごは皮をむいて2等分に切り、芯を取る。(紅玉の場合は中玉なので(8~10個で良いが、小玉のリンゴを使用したので18個使用しました)変色を防ぐために薄い塩水につけておきます。
  2. タルト生地を作っておきます。薄力粉とバター、塩を指先で混ぜ合わせ、ポロポロになるまで混ぜます。卵黄と水を入れ、押すようにひとかたまりにしていきます。こねないように。ラップに包み、冷蔵庫に保管。
  3. グラーニュ糖 100gをフライパンにいれ、弱火でキャラメル上にしていきます。グラニュー糖が茶色くなったら、バター60gを加えて溶かしていきます。軽く煮詰めます。
  4. 焦がさない程度(薄い茶色な状態)でリンゴをフライパンに入れ、表面全体にキャラメルが絡むようにひっくりかえしながらソテーしていきます。
  5. 別のお鍋にバターを入れて、溶けて香りがしてきたらグラーニュ糖を溶かし、バニラのさやをいれます。(バニラエッセンス代用)
  6. 3のリンゴを4に移し、形を崩さないように煮詰めていきます。(綺麗に並べてまんべんなく日が通るようにするといいです)水分がほぼなくなるまで煮詰めておきます。
  7. 使用する型はティファールのようオーブン使用可能フライパンでもいいし、普通の深めのケーキ型でもいいです。
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