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About me -
casa gourmand

Welcome to my website !

This website is a collection of my cooking, baking and lifestyle, served to also be my recipe book to be shared with others. 


My blogging history trails back to over a decade,  2007 when I initiated recording my cooking documents through a Japanese blogging site – Ameblo



As I grew ambitious, the site expanded into a bilingual site with


This cooking blog site is my third expansion – continuing to document my everyday cooking and creations in a authentic but current  Japanese (Washoku) style. It is predominantly about cooking and food but with an occasional glimpse of the ‘real life in Tokyo’ – my lifestyle.


Having spent away from Japan from early childhood, from the Philippines to Ireland and then to Los Angeles, I often wondered how I have grown to become a ‘foodie’ during the course of my life.  



Being a genuine Japanese, I recall my mother showing me ways to prepare meals and cook many things from scratch in a Japanese style at  foreign countries. Thereupon to realize my current cooking methodology, strongly influenced by and as a result of my upbringing. 



I hope you may find this website useful as Japanese cooking is inherently vegan or more or less vegan friendly. 


We live together with the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter and appreciate  the “seasonal natural foods”.   


I hope this site provides a glimpse and insight to a real homemade  Japanese cooking style. 



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