a Japanese ritual for new borns – “Okuisome” | お食い初め

a Japanese ritual for new borns – “Okuisome” | お食い初め

This ceremony was first posted last year for our very first grandchild and time has come for our second grandchild, now turned over 100 days in which to celebrate her first taste of food – a traditional Japanese ritual called ‘okuisome’.
This ritual has a set form of menu and dishes, each dish having a meaning of thoughts for hopes and wishes for the happiness of a new born child.

  • Sekihan (Sticky rice with aduki beans)
  • Osui-mono (Clear Soup) – a clam is used in hope that the child will meet a perfect partner, as like the shell being a perfect fit.
  • Tai (Sea Bream) – shares the same homonym with Happy; Joyous; Auspicious and sea bream is also considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • Hagatame no Ishi (Small stone). “Biting” a smooth stone is an act to ensure the growth of strong healthy teeth. The stone is to be borrowed (returned when finished) from the shrine in which the Omiyamairi ceremony took place.
  • Nimono (Seasonal stewed food)
  • Kono-mono (Pickled vegetables)


  • 飯椀 - お赤飯
  • 汁碗 - 蛤、ジュンサイ
  • 煮物椀 - 季節の煮物 - 竹の子、フキ、さやえんどう、里芋、金時人参、れんこん
  • つぼ椀 - 柚子と大根のお漬物
  • 高杯 - 歯が丈夫になるよう歯固めの石(福石)  – しわができるまで長生きするように梅干しなどを盛り付けました。歯固めの石はお宮参りをした神社からお借りして戻しました。長生きを象徴する梅干しと一緒に。
  • 鯛皿 - 塩メレンゲ蒸し焼きにしました。



The elderly person (our great grandmother) has the privilege to feed the new born child (great grandchild). 年長者が食べさせます。我家の曾祖母がその役を担います。

RECIPE : Osekihan (Sticky rice with aduki beans)  (お赤飯レシピ)

RECIPE : Sea Bream baked in salt meringue (鯛のメレンゲ焼 レシピ)

  • Large  Sea Bream (大きめの鯛)
  • 3/4 cup of sea salt (塩 3/4カップ)
  • 5 egg whites (5個分 卵白)
  • Stem of rosemary and garlic (ローズマリーの枝、ニンニク)
  1. Clean out the stomach of the sea bream and stuff it with stem of rosemary and garlic. (鯛のお腹をキレイに洗い、ローズマリーとニンニクをつめます)
  2. Using 3/4 cups of sea salt, whisk the salt with the egg whites until it becomes a stiff meringue. (塩と卵白を合わせ、ツノがたつほどの硬めのメランゲを作ります)
  3. Line the oven tin with foil and cover the sea bream entirely with meringue.(天板をフォイルで包みます)
  4. Bake at 250C for 30 minutes, 200C for another 30 minutes.(250℃/480Fで30分、200℃/390Fで30分 合計60分 蒸し焼きにします)

RECIPE : Pickled radish with yuzu zest (柚子大根のお漬け物)


  • Thinly sliced radish (薄切り大根)
  • Zest of Yuzu (thinly shredded) (柚子の千切り)
  • Castor Sugar (グラーニュ糖), Honey (蜂蜜), Wine Vinger (ワインビネガー、米酢でも可)
  1. Thinly slice the radish with a vegetable slicer. Sprinkle a little bit of salt and set it aside until the radish becomes soft and water starts ooze out. (大根は薄くスライスします。ピーラーを使うと均等に薄くスライスできます。バットに並べ塩を少し振り柔らかくなるまで置きます)
  2. Slice the zest of yuzu. (柚子は薄く千切りにします)
  3. Soak the radish in water to cleanse the salt, drying off with a paper towel. (大根は一端水で塩おとしペーパータオルなどで水切りをします)
  4. Roll the zest of yuzu in the center of the radish and align the radish in a container, sprinkling a little bit of sugar, a little bit of honey, a little bit of wine vinegar as you work along the stack/layers. Let is rest in the refrigerator overnight before serving. (柚子を大根の中心に置き、くるくると巻いていきます。タッパーにぎっしりと詰め、段の上には砂糖、蜂蜜、ワインビネガーを振り掛けながら詰めます。一晩冷蔵庫で味を馴染ませます)

RECIPE : Osui-mono (Clear Soup) (汁碗 蛤、ジュンサイ)


  • Clear Soup – broth  (すまし汁)
  • Sea Clams (蛤)
  • Junsai – Water Shield (ジュンサイ)

Standard Recipe for Clear Soup ‘Osumashi’ (すまし汁)

  1. Clear Soup Proportion (すまし汁の割合  – 1 : 3 : 160 – 塩 : 薄口醤油 : 出汁/水) 1 (Salt)  :  3 (Light Soy Sauce) : 160 (Dashi-broth)
  2. For example : 800ml Dashi-broth, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbs soy sauce (例 : 800ml 出汁, 塩小匙1, 薄口醤油 大匙1)
  3. Add the sea clams and junsai (this can be replaced with anything) in the clear soup and let it simmer keeping the soup at the brim of boiling point.

RECIPE : Nimono (Seasonal stewed food)(煮物椀 - 季節の煮物 - 竹の子、フキ、さやえんどう、里芋、金時人参、れんこん)


  • Dashi – broth  (出汁)
  • Bamboo Shoot (竹の子)
  • Giant Butterbur(フキ)
  • Podded Pea(さやえんどう)
  • Corms(里芋)
  • Kyoto Red Carrot(金時人参)
  • Lotus Roots(レンコン)
  1. Proportion 1 (Light Soy Sauce) : 1 (Mirin) : 15 (Dashi-broth) (旬煮物の割合  – 1 : 1 : 15 – みりん: 薄口醤油 : 出汁)
  2. Treatment of each vegetables before combining all vegetables in the above (1) broth :

Podded Pea, Kyoto Red Carrot, Lotus Roots – Preboil in 1 teaspoon of salt (塩で下茹)

Giant Butterbur – Preboil and peel the outer (stem) skin and let it soak overnight in clean water (茹でて皮を剥き、アク抜きをします)

Corms – Wash the Corms in salt water and steam before use (塩でよくもみ、蒸します)

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