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Merry Christmas!

Several months have past since I stopped blogging. This autumn season had been a difficult time for my husband, diagnosed with larynx (throat) cancer and had undergone laryngectomy surgery. Luckily the doctors were able to remove the entire cancer tumor and no evidence seen in the lymph glands; so he is still in process recovery – slowly but surely.

So I’ve decided….no blogging…for a while until I feel our lives our back in track and our daily ‘food life’ has undergone changes to adjust to his illness.

The ‘Laryngectomy surgery’ has taken his entire larynx which has produced a stoma (for lung breathing) and consequently he has lost the ability to smell and speak. The ability to ‘speak’ can replaced with an artificial voice cord in due course but the ability to ‘smell’ is lost permanently and to recognize the importance of ‘smell’ which changes the perception of ‘taste’ is quite enormous.

I am still in the process of experimenting…..

What is tastes good…..

without smelling or without scent?

This is also a challenging path to cooking food which I hope may be helpful to similar people rehabilitating from ‘Laryngectomy surgery’.

Today is already Christmas eve.

This year we’ve decided to pass festive occasions and quietly concentrate on recovery and rehabilitation.

There will be another Christmas next year.

So will there be another New Years Day.

As long as we stay healthy and alive.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of supportive readers!

I will try to slowly get back into blogging with a very organic healthy twist and change to washoku baking & cooking !

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