7/17 Sunday Bakery |サンデーベーカリー

7/17 Sunday Bakery |サンデーベーカリー

Trying to get back into the baking mode.
‘July 17th Sunday Bakery’, which most will be sent to my parent’s house where then be collected by my sister and brother and into the different avenues, stomach of my  nieces and nephew. (lol)
Heating up my oven during these humid summer time becomes rather challenging. I often think of it as a  ‘Sunday Diet Bakery’, enduring the oven heat but the rewards are always delight with lots of smiles and gratitude.
This is a ‘Black Sesame Loaf’ baked for my father, who just loves anything to do with sesame. I hope this will boost his appetite which has become rather slim as the summer days approach.
I will put up the recipe in due course, so come back now and then to collect the recipe if anyone is interested.
さぁ〜と勢いはかけ声ばかりとなかなか湿気と暑さで『自宅ベーカリー(通称)Chako Bakery』はちょっと起動に乗りません。たまには新作やら試し焼やらと気持はあるのですがやはり一番の起爆剤は『人のために焼くパン』です。


Black Sesame Bread Loaf

These are

  • (Left) Edamame Bread with chopped fresh oiled corianders wrapped inside(枝豆パン)作り方はコーンブレッドと同じ手法です。コーンの代わりに枝豆を使用し、成形時にフレッシュ・オイル漬け香菜を織り込んでみました。
  • (Right) Fresh corn breads with sweet fresh corn ‘Goldrush’ blended within(コーンパン)ゴールドラッシュが出回っている時期なので蒸したフレッシュなトウモロコシを使った旬のパンです。



  • Strawberry Marble Cake (recipe coming soon) (苺の生地を織り込んだ苺のマーブルケーキ。レシピは後公開します)


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