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2017 Xmas Stollen | クリスマス・シュトーレン

Merry Christmas! to my blog readers, still some areas enjoying Christmas day or whatever is left of it. We, here in Tokyo are finishing up Christmas Day and once the day is gone….boom! our minds are set for preparations for New Years Day, which is more an important traditional day that this today Xmas.
To me….making ‘Xmas Stollen’ has become a regular chore, a mindset for Xmas. I still long for the quite cold Christmas in Ireland where I spend most of my days of youth, quiet and with the sound of carols and choirs.
Here are some behind the scenes of my ‘Xmas Stollen Making’.
クリスマスもあと数時間で終わってしまうと、、気分はすぐお正月に。ここ数年、毎年クリスマスには「シュトーレン」を作ることをmy行事にしています。毎年chako bakeryからの「シュトーレン」をお願いしますというご希望の声を頂くと心に力が湧いてきてまた今年も美味しいシュトーレンを焼こう!と励まされます。

A batch of 30 stollens baked this year for friends and family members.


My stollens are made over a span of couple of day and months. People have often asked me of my recipe but since it tends to be a  ‘too’ time consuming recipe; I’ve stayed away of revealing the recipe as it just becomes a disappointment. Some of the process can been seen below.


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