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1st Cooking Lessons | 初めてのお料理教室

Summer has gotten me lazy on blogging.
Summer in Tokyo is extremely hot and on top, humidity is high and even on top of this, the city accumulates air conditioning and building heat so..i.e. it become quite (very) unbearable.
The excuse makes me even more lazier than what I can be proud of…..but hey! it’s summer vacation time and just last week, this is officially my first cooking lesson with my niece and nephew (photo below) who has turned thirteen and twelve years old.
このいきなりの暑さにかなりの打撃を受け、ブログもままならぬ。すっかり怠慢癖がついてしまいました。お料理も作りたいものも暑さ対策になり、我家の食卓もあっさりと野菜ばかり。しかし〜 夏休みに入っている姪と甥とともに「初めてのお料理教室」を開催しました。所々は英語。日本語と英語が飛び交う「英語教育をかねたお料理教室」となりました。
Here are some of the dishes we’ve managed to make for dinner as we’ve worked together, the three of us. (We’ve been so tied up with cooking that we totally forgot to take selfies of ourselves….so the photograph above is a day outing to an amusement park the following day).

Mille-feuille Salad | サラダ ミルフィーユ

Mille-feuille salad is an cold appetizer. It comes in layers of

  1. mashed avocado with parmesan cheese and lemon juice (アボカド、粉チーズとレモンジュース)
  2. yellow paprika (焼き黄パプリカ)
  3. mashed potato and edamame beans (マッシュポテトと枝豆)
  4. red paprika(焼き赤パプリカ)
  5. cottage cheese and fresh corn (コッテージチーズとフレッシュコーン)
  6. smoked salmon (スモークサーモン)


Anago & Unagi Sushi | 穴子と鰻 ちらし鮨

Anago & Unagi Sushi is well eaten (customary) in Japan at the day of the ox in midsummer  Japanese, a custom believed to have started in the Edo period . Anago and Unagi helps the body for stamina and to rejuvenate the body, stamina lost from the summer heat.
This is like an assorted sushi (mix rice) with various ingredients cooked separately and decorated on top of the sushi.

  • stewed shitake in soy sauce (mixed within the rice)(ご飯にまぜる、椎茸のうす醤油煮)
  • stewed small pieces of anago (mixed within the rice)(ご飯にまぜる、あなごのうす醤油煮)
  • kinshi tamago (thin egg crepe)(錦糸卵)
  • unagi (eel) (うなぎ)
  • hotate (scallops) (ほたて)
  • kohada (gizard shad) (こはだ)
  • aoyagi (red clam) (あおやぎ)
  • bamboo shoots (筍)
  • carrots (人参)
  • snow peas (きぬさや)


Pork Spare Ribs | スペアリブ

Pork Spare Ribs Marinated overnight with the below ingredients and cooked at 200C oven for about 60 minutes. (前夜から下記の液に漬け込み、200℃のオーブンで約60分焼く)

  • 1 clove of garlic (1片 ニンニク)
  • 80ml soy sauce (80ml 醤油)
  • 1/4 cup sake (1/4カップ 酒)
  • 5 tbs brown sugar (大匙5 ブラウンシュガー)
  • 1 tbs worcester sauce(大匙1 ウスターソース)
  • 1/4 cut tomato puree (1/4カップ トマトピュレ)
  • 1/2 lemon juice (1/2個 レモン汁)
  • 1/2 tsp ginger (小匙1/2 生姜のすりおろし)
  • (1/4 tsp chili sauce) (小匙1/4 チリソース)

Fig Roll Cake | 無花果のロールケーキ

Fig Roll Cake – recipe link here(まるごと無花果ロール レシピ)
Lemon Cake | レモンケーキ

Lemon Cake was my niece’s cooking lesson request.
Recipe will be up/posted on my next post.

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