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0nigiri, rice balls

I am sure you’ve come across, ONIGIRIs (Rice Balls) if you are a fan of Japanese food. ONIGIRI is very popular food for the Japanese, not exactly a meal but more of a light meal. Our treatment of ONIGIRI is probably close to eating a hamburger or sandwich for lunch.

There is no said or set way of making ONIGIRI, every household has their own favor and filling. If you ever come to Japan, every convenient store has a rack of fresh daily ONIGIRI but handmade is no comparison to machine (factory) made ONIGIRI.

This is a ONIGIRI with chopped plum pickles, leaks, sesame mixed into the rice and moulded into round ONIGIRI. ONIGIRIs are lightly salted before wrapping with dried seaweed (NORI) or shiso leaves.





This is a different version – the AYU (trout) rice made into an ONIGIRI with Tororo Konbu (Shaved Kelp).





written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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